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Innovation Makes Us the Productivity Leader

With our modern technologies (Hot/Cold emulsions, small batch sizes with equivalent product qualities, pigment grinding etc.) we enable our customers to manufacture the highest quality products. Our special plants are individually constructed and manufactured in accordance with our customers’ requirements. The highly repeatable processes, extremely low operating costs, the minimal energy requirements, the short production times, and the extremely short cleaning times, all contribute to symex as being the process plants with the highest productivity. These are only a few of the benefits that our trend setting technologies can provide:

  • Hot-/Cold-Emulsifying process
  • In vessel pigment grinding
  • Partial batch sizes down to 25% with identical product qualities
  • Reproducible raw material introduction
  • Fully automated cleaning CIP-/SIP-Advanced
  • Fully automated production process via our batch-system
  • Gentle on the product heating and cooling (delta T or ramp heating or cooling)
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