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The following systems are available on short notice. We will be happy to send you a quote or give you further details. 

Application and equipment features:
  • Batch sizes of 2-10 Liter
  • Pressure- / vacuum resistance
  • Temperature control system with secondary circuit
  • Coaxial agitator with central- and scraper agitator
  • Homogenizer (variable speed) with external product circulation
  • Induction system for powders and liquids on homogenizer
  • Integrated CIP system
  • Heatable phase vessel with agitator (8 Liter)
  • User management and processing data recording
  • Compact construction on mobile laboratory table
  • Turnkey / Plug & Play
  • 100% scalable

(immediate availability; price on request)
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Application and equipment features:

  • Vacuum-, Mixing- and Homogenizing System (Production plant) for cosmetic, pharma and/or chemistry product manufacturing
  • Conventional mixing- and homogenization technology with an unbeatable value
  • The symex Compact-system is notable for its simplified and therefore cost-effective design. The components are selected in accordance with the symex quality standard, economically selected and optimized to be purchased as a complete package.
  • Working volume 125 up to 500 liter (total volume 838 liter)
  • Vacuum- and pressure resistance (product area: -1/+2 barÜ; double jacket: -1/+4 barÜ)
  • Double jacket (1-zone) for Heating & Cooking / insulation sheath
  • Flanged lid with clamping ring
  • Electro mechanical lid lifting device
  • Anchor agitator with wall scrappers, baffle
  • Temperature probe, additional sensors
  • Homogenizer (Rotor- Stator- Principle) with: Homogenizer induction housing (powder- & liquid induction), induction lances, funnel Recirculation line (Long loop & Short loop) Double acting mechanical seal cooled and lubricated by means of a monitored sealing liquid system.
  • Manual operation
  • Temperature Control System (direct heating / direct cooling)
  • Vacuum system / water ring vacuum pump
  • Electrical Control System SIEMENS
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Integrated CIP- system / semi automatic cleaning
  • Turn-Key & Plug & Play
  • The symex Compact system contains technology and equipment that has generally established itself as a standard in the industry and is well appointed with proven symex engineering and know –how.

(immediate availability; price on request)
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